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About Sierra Ebro

Hans and Margaret de Bree Hello from Hans, Margaret and our son, Mike. We are a family of anglers with a dream to turn our hobby into our livelihood and start our own fishing campsite. With this dream our goal we immigrated to Spain four years ago.

Fishing accommodation Whilst we have been living and fishing here we have also been working on this dream, to open our own fishing campsite. On the spot were we now live we aim in the very near future to realise that dream. We have applied for planning permission and a licence to construct a 40 pitch camping site plus 10 bungalows and a reception. And of course a swimming pool a must in the high temperatures we experience here in our Spanish summers!

Fishing Camping Ebro Meanwhile we wait for our plans to be rubber-stamped by the town hall. But such matters take time in here in Spain and we eager to start. Therefore we start on a different way; with other accommodation because we want to offer anglers an opportunity NOW to sample a taste of the Sierra Ebro life and experience we can offer now and in our future camp site. To be fishing on this beautiful river Ebro and his wonderful surroundings. And we hope it will be very soon when our angler visitors can stay on our own campsite.

Fishing Camping Ebro When you arrive for your angling holiday with Sierra Ebro, we’ll meet you at our present location also the place where our future campsite will be developed. After making acquaintances we’ll have a chat and answer any of your questions and then we will visit the harbour, two minutes away where our boats are moored.

Then from the riverside we’ll take you to the apartment where you will stay during your holiday, just 5 a 10 minutes drive to Caspe. Nearby your apartment you will find supermarkets and two small fishing tackle shops, bars, restaurants and a bowling alley and although we hope you won’t need it you will find a First Aid post at the fountain on the roundabout as you drive into town.